10 Steps to Perfecting your OVERHEAD SMASH!

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10 Steps to Perfecting your OVERHEAD SMASH!

Dec 6, 2016

Tennis Director,
Franco’s Athletic Club

The Overhead is probably the most disliked shot among tennis players and gets a bad rap for a number of reasons. It requires a partner to help you practice, it is easily affected by conditions, and it is not often a top priority in the early developmental stage. However, because lobs are often seen in league matches, it is in your best interest to perfect the overhead.

When an opponent lobs you, it’s because you have moved into a very offensive position and they are lobbing as a last resort. Keep them on the defense by returning that lob with an overhead, the most offensive shot you can hit!


1. Be prepared.

Watch your opponents to see them set up to lob and you won’t be surprised when they do.

2. Get in position.

Quickly turn your shoulders and get both arms up.

3. Point.

Reach out toward the ball with your non racquet hand and your racquet.

4. Move.

Move to the ball keeping it to your right side (for righties).

5. Stay behind.

Make sure to keep the ball in front of you.

6. Extend.

Stretch your left hand up toward the ball.

7. Make contact.

Extend or throw your racquet up to contact the ball .

8. Aim.

You want to hit the top-back of the ball.

9. Follow through.

Continue to move your racquet out to your target.

10. Repeat.

Spend a few minutes each time you play hitting some extra overheads, even if its nothing more than asking for a few extra lobs in your warmup.

Make it a goal to improve your smash and BECOME UNBEATABLE.